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Tuning in to Teens™ - Singleton

Tuning in to Teens™ - Singleton

Wednesday 19 June 2019 - Thursday 20 June 2019


Registrations for this event are now closed.

Tuning in to Teens™

Emotionally Intelligent Parenting - this is a 2 day training course for parents and carers of Tweens and Teens {aged 9+}. Training will run from 9.30am-2.30pm on both days. 

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Be better at talking with your tween/teen?
  • Be better at understanding your tween/teen?
  • Help your tween/teen learn to manage their emotions?
  • Help to prevent behaviour problems in your tween/teen? 
  • Teach your tween/teen to deal with conflict? 

Tuning in to Teens™ shows you how to help your child develop emotional intelligence. Adolescents with higher emotional intelligence: 

  • Are more aware, assertive and strong in situations of peer pressure
  • Have greater success with making friends and are more able to manage conflict with peers
  • Are more able to cope when upset or angry
  • Have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties
  • Have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults
  • Have greater career success - Emotional intelligence may be a better predictor of academic and career success than IQ!

* NB: Childcare is available at this training session ON REQUEST

** A light lunch and refreshments will be provided at both days of this course

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