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Liverpool - Understanding Attachment

Liverpool - Understanding Attachment

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Monday 14th October, 2019


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All children need relationships that provide comfort, support and protection. But when children have been hurt or let down in the context of their first parental relationships it profoundly influences the way they anticipate and interact with their current and future carer relationships. Making sense of the old attachment processes at work in the relationship can help carers to stay in connection with a hurt child and to respond in ways that assist them to experience a more secure attachment relationship.

Guiding children into new ways of relating to their carers, themselves and their community is the gift foster/adoptive and kinship parents offer children who have come into care. The session will focus on an overview of attachment processes and encourage participants to consider the attachment needs of the child in their care. It will also aim to draw attention to the skills utilised by carers and acknowledge the role carers play in the reparative journey for children in care.

* A light lunch and refreshments will be provided at this free training course. Child Care can be arranged upon request. 

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