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Case Study

For Sheryl* caring is in her DNA.

At work Sheryl is a registered nurse caring for people with drug addiction and mental health issues.

At home she and her husband Mark* have been short term and respite carers for four years.  In that time more than 40 children have passed through their doors

“It has been Mark’s first experience raising kids and he loves it,” says Sheryl.

Their first short-term placement was a nine-year-old boy. “He was good, but his behaviours showed.  You’ve no idea what traumas these kids have been through,” says Sheryl. 

The many children the couple have cared for include a teen girl who was placed with them two-and-a-half years ago, winning their hearts.  She is still with them while they seek guardianship orders. Sheryl refers to her as ‘the light of our lives’.

Sheryl and Mark are currently taking a break from providing respite care while they recharge on a holiday in Bali with their foster daughter, however when they return they intend to continue as short-term carers. 

As strong advocates for foster care, Sheryl and Mark encourage others to consider opening their homes – and their hearts – to children in need. 

* names changed to protect identities

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