At My Forever Family NSW, we care for those who care for children. Our goal is to see all children receive the care they deserve, and all carers receive the support and training they need. 

Most children in care have come from challenging family situations. Many of these children are dealing with the effects of neglect, abuse, parental drug and alcohol misuse and domestic violence. To thrive, they need consistent and quality care, and it’s our hope that we can connect them with the family they deserve. 

My Forever Family supports children and young people by recruiting and training their carers, with the goal of improving experiences and outcomes for families. We are funded by the NSW Government and operated by Adopt Change, in collaboration with Professor Paul Chandler, Early Start (University of Wollongong) and Continuum Consulting. 

We are the first point of contact for potential carers and guardians, providing them with information about becoming a carer, permanent care and adoption. Partnering with the Department of Communities and Justice (formerly Department of Family and Community Services), and with accredited foster care and adoption agencies throughout NSW, we work to ensure that there is a pool of quality carers available across the state.

My Forever Family will support you as you journey into fostering, adoption or guardianship. Whether you are a guardian, adoptive parent, short term or restoration foster carer (caring for children until they can return home to their birth family), long term carer or relative/kinship carer, we have developed specialised training and support services to suit your needs. 

My Forever Family provides training across the state, including remote and regional areas, in person and online. We host multiple training events and workshops throughout the year and have a dedicated Carer Support Team who can provide you with personalised advice, information and support via phone or email. 

We are dedicated to our children and carers, taking on feedback from carers, NGOs and the child welfare sector to ensure we are doing everything we can to support the journey of all involved. 

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion, offering appropriate support for culturally and linguistically diverse carers.

Through our engagement with the state government and child welfare sector, we advocate for systemic change on behalf of carers and the children they care for.  

It is our hope that, together, we can achieve a brighter future for families across NSW.