Yuranha Walan was established in 2015 and operates within the Central West district of NSW.

Yuranha Walan is based in Orange, and covers the area of Mudgee to the north, Lithgow to the east, Young in the south, and Forbes/Parkes to the west. 

Yuranha Walan was established to provide out-of-home-care services to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and young people who can no longer live with their parents due to experiencing abuse and/or neglect.

At Yuranha Walan we believe in supporting our booris to reach their full potential by implementing supports to help them address and heal from their childhood experiences, ensuring their Carers are equipped with the necessary skills and training so they can help them through the bad days but also the good days, providing them with a sense of belonging, a home where they can feel safe, and allows for them to thrive.

At Yuranha Walan we also ensure that the child and young person/s family and/or kinship group are involved in all aspects of our work such as; case planning, providing support, reviewing and monitoring of case plans, and planning and supporting of children and young people exiting care.

If you have been thinking about being a Carer then please get in touch with our Carer Enquiry Team on 1800 663 441 they can answer any questions you may have and let you know the process of starting your journey in becoming a Yuranha Walan Carer today.