The Goodradigbee and Uniting partnership provides culturally supported foster care and kinship placements for Aboriginal children and young people between the age of 0-17 who are not able to live at home. These placements can be either short-term, long-term or on a respite basis, across Western and South Western Sydney.

Goodradigbee’s mission statement is: “Putting Families & Culture First”. Together with Uniting, we work alongside foster carers, families, children and young people to help them secure a safe and nurturing home through restoration to their birth family, guardianship through their kinship or foster carers, or through long-term care placements.

We strive to ensure that every child or young person maintains their cultural connections. Our carers are supported to provide quality care for the children and young people they care for through regular engagement, training and support from Aboriginal caseworkers.

We encourage and consider all people to become carers including people who are single and couples (including LGBTI). We welcome anyone thinking of becoming a foster carer to contact us and allow us the privilege of supporting you to become a carer.