Lifestyle Solutions is committed to forging close supportive relationships with our foster carers. Foster carers are the foundation of the support we provide to children and young people who are unable to live with their families, whether for a short period of time or on a permanent basis. We are seeking to provide children who are in care the same opportunities and life experiences as their peers.

We are seeking carers who are willing to support the restoration of children to their birth families, or who can provide immediate emergency care or respite care, or provide permanent long-term care, or care while moving towards guardianship or adoption.

Like the children we support, our foster carers come from a broad range of backgrounds. Carers can be male and female couples or same sex couples, come from diverse cultural backgrounds and have diverse abilities and skills. They can be single people with or without their own children. They can be retired or employed or not employed. If you have the time and commitment to give to a child, and are willing to participate as a member of broad care team for a child, we are happy to talk to you about what it takes to be a foster carer.

The common interest of foster carers is in sharing their lives and caring for children and young people who require safe home environments, while supporting them to maintain their identity and family connections.

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