Mallee Family Care NSW is a non-government agency that provides care to children in the Wentworth and Balranald Shire areas. Mallee Family Care is an inclusive not-for-profit organisation that provides a high quality fostering service that meet the range of needs of children and young people in out-of-home care NSW and VIC.

Our goal is to keep local children local, so that they can maintain their identity and links to their biological family. We need a diverse range of carers to cater to the individual needs of the young people in our care. Foster carers are everyday members of the community who have a strong commitment to children and young people. They can be families, couples or singles, male or female. Foster carers can be with children for a long term, a short term, or as emergency or respite. We work with carers as a part of an overall care team, with the focus on the child.