Narang Bir-rong believes that Aboriginal/TSI children are best raised by their own families however, when they are unable to remain at home, they should maintain connections with their community and kin. Narang Bir-rong offers support to carers who have children or young persons in their care as a result of family kinship ties and monitors the care of these children. All potential carers are assessed regardless of their relationship to the child or young person as the need for support and supervision are always based on the findings of the assessment. Narang Bir-rong ensures that the child or young person’s family or kinship group are involved in all aspects of work such as case planning, providing support, reviewing and monitoring case plans and planning for children or young people to exit care.

Narang Bir-rong ensures that only people best able to meet the individual needs of children and young people are recruited as authorised carers and that carers receive appropriate training and ongoing support for their roles. Narang Bir-rong also provides carers with opportunities to participate in decisions such as case planning and implementation and developing exit plans, and that carers have their rights upheld.