St Saviours supports children and young people (aged 0-17 years) who can no longer live at home with their family and are under the temporary or full time care of the Minister. Our service provides trauma informed care for children and young people with a variety of needs (from low level to complex needs) from any cultural and religious background, and of any gender.

We have 4 categories of care:

  • Immediate Care that is up to 6 months and supports children to be reunified with the families or transition to permanent carer;
  • Permanent Care supporting children and young people to achieve permanency through Guardianship, Adoption or Long Term Care;
  • Therapeutic Home Based Care is a specialist one to one care option for children and young people over 12 years with complex needs who require specialised and intensive supports to maintain stability in their care arrangements; and
  • Respite Care.