Fostering Young Lives is seeking foster carers from across Sydney who can provide safe and nurturing homes for children and young people who cannot live with their own family right now. Often children will return home once it is safe for them to do so. Some children will need carers to provide them with a permanent home. No matter how long a child stays with you, as a foster carer you’ll make a positive difference in their life in a way that stays with them forever.

Fostering Young Lives celebrate diversity and welcomes carers from a variety of backgrounds and who have a range of life experiences and skills. We put the child at the centre of our service and offer ongoing and coordinated support services to best meet the needs of children and their carers. Our professional staff provide carers with regular visits from a Case Manager, 24/7 on call support, a tax-free allowance to assist with the costs of raising a child and ongoing training opportunities. Our carers and their family members are also provided with access to free confidential counselling with experienced clinicians.

Whether you are looking to start the fostering process, or just want more information, our team of foster care specialists can help. Please fill in our online form to request an information pack or if you’d like us to call you for a chat about fostering. You can also visit our website or Facebook page for more information about our service.