Winanga-Li recognises that all children and young people deserve a safe, respectful, caring and positive environment. Winanga-Li is dedicated to fostering healthy social development in children and young people and will include community members, carers and other professionals as an effective approach to assist in building a positive care environment.

To achieve this vision, Winanga-Li commits to strengthening and sustaining families to be a supportive and nurturing unit, with strong connections to the local community and other support networks.

Winanga-Li is committed to ensuring that children and young people are provided with a physical environment that is safe, comfortable and personalised and that the agency’s carers are supported in providing this environment through training and information sharing.

Winanga-Li will provide on-going monitoring and support the carer to ensure that the children and young person’s needs and rights are being fully met by their physical environment and that their physical environment can and does change as and when the children and young person’s need change.