A Proud Grandma

Posted on 22 February 2019
Category Carer stories
Sarah has been the sole carer for her four grandchildren for many years. She told My Forever Family about the pride she has in her oldest grandson Caiden.

My grandson Caiden has been in my care since he was five.  He is now 16 years old and is the most wonderful young man. He has come through a lot of adversities and really turned his life around. 

It has not been easy for Caiden – he went into foster care for six months until I could have him come and live with me.   It was very hard for him to understand. I had to give him lots of reassurance, and he saw a counsellor for a while. 

He has tried to have a relationship with his mother and with his father, but he decided not to pursue these as it was too hard on him.    

Two of his favourite teachers left the school last year, and he was really upset and said to me that he wanted to leave school.   

I said to him, “Why do you want to leave?  Those teachers want the best for you and are hoping you stay and do really well!”  So he stayed, and will do his HSC in 2020.  He keeps winning awards and has just won $2000 for his school in a competition against four other schools. 

He goes from one milestone to another and is seen as a leader at his school.  He was chosen by the principal to go on a school trip to the Philippines and he had a wonderful time.  He’s also travelled to America with his school, he plays tennis, and has great bunch of friends.  

Caiden’s three cousins live with us and now he is helping them to shape their lives to become better. 

I have kept all the information about his awards, holidays and other important things in his life and have put them into books.  Now when I look at these, I see a motivated young person changing his life for the better.