In our arms

Posted on 29 January 2020
Category Carer stories

Kylie and Darren Pitt consider themselves blessed, with two foster children placed with them within less than a week of their births. However, they say they still face challenges with being the non-biological parents of two girls.  

Like when their youngest daughter said to them “I wish I was in your tummy”.  

“We tell her ‘You’re only in someone’s tummy for a little while, the best place to be is in someone’s arms’. We tell her we love her to the moon, around the sun and back into our arms,” says Kylie. 

Kylie and Darren already had a son, nine years old, through IVF but when considering extending their family, they decided to foster. 

They were approved as carers in April 2014, and in June 2014, their eldest daughter was born and brought to their home six days later. The Central Coast couple later adopted her when she was four. In the same year their daughter’s mother had another daughter, who they also have fostered and are in the process of adopting. 

Despite the difficulties which can arise with family visits, the girls have regular family time with their biological parents, and often with their older sister who is in care with another carer.  

“You need to build a relationship with the family, not for your sake but for the children’s sake. Every child has the right to know their parents whether you like it or not.  They are still their biological parents,” says Kylie.  

To Kylie and Darren all their children are a blessing and they love them dearly.  

“If I saw the caseworker who placed our daughters with us in the street, I would go over and give them a big hug and thank them,” says Kylie.