Kate and Andrew’s Story

Posted on 9 November 2022
Category Carer stories

Two decades of marriage and memories have been enriched with foster caring for Kate and Andrew who have been named Carer Recognition Award winners for their exceptional service in caring for sibling groups.  
Kate and Andrew have been married for 20 years and built a fulfilling life for themselves. They travelled the globe creating memories and building their story together as a couple, but they felt something was missing so they started a new chapter as authorised foster carers.  

“We had enjoyed our life as a couple. But we really felt that our life wasn’t complete without children. We just felt we had a place in our lives, in our hearts, for kids.” 

While Andrew and Kate had hoped to conceive children, it was not a possibility for the couple. After tossing up the idea of fostering for some time, they decided to dive in and reached out to their local agency Anglicare.  

“We ummed and ahhed about it (fostering) and it just felt like the right thing to do. There are so many kids with a need for a stable loving home for either the short term or the long term. There are lots of supports for foster carers out there once you start looking for them, and they are great at offering information and support.” 

After becoming registered carers with Anglicare, Kate and Andrew opened their home to a 7-month-old boy for a long-term care placement.   

“It changed our lives completely! As having a child come into your life always does. It’s been so rewarding. Nothing I’ve done in my life up until now has been this challenging or rewarding.” 

Kate and Andrew felt they have more love to give and shortly after welcomed the little boy’s younger sister into their care too. Providing the children an opportunity to grow up together and keep a strong sibling bond was important to Kate and Andrew, and was a key reason for their nomination for a Carer Recognition Award. 

 “Kate and Andrew have consistently demonstrated commitment to these children and dedicated their lives to ensure the siblings remain connected. They are the most loving, caring, and generous foster carers I know. They are so resilient and warm in their nature and demonstrated their capacity to need the varying needs of the children,” says Edna from Anglicare.    

Not long after the two children’s placement, a third sibling was born and was also placed into Kate and Andrew’s care by their birth parents.  

“Each of our children has joined us at the most amazing time. One by one. They are siblings and they are the loves of our lives.”  

For the last five years Kate and Andrew have been caring for the 3 siblings aged from 12 months to 5 years old and despite having their hands full, they are grateful for the depth the children bring to their lives. Kate and Andrew strive to learn about the children’s family history and cultures and actively research and implement ways they can provide this, always looking for ways to include their wider family as part of their story. 

“We see the difference having a loving, stable home makes in their lives, and in the families they come from as well. The children are enriching out lives too. Their stories are now intertwined with our stories, so it’s a more, richer fuller life experience for us. We couldn’t imagine our lives without these kids in them.”  

Their home and lives are busier and fuller, and caring for small children has its challenges, but Kate and Andrew would not rewrite their story. 

“I’d recommend that every person, family, whatever your age and stage of life is, if it’s something that you’re interested in to get in touch with an agency and get the ball rolling.” 

Kate and Andrew have dedicated their lives to ensuring the siblings stay connected and shown their commitment by deepening their knowledge through further training, and firmly encouraging others who may be thinking about welcoming a child into their life through foster caring to take the leap and start a new chapter. 

“I have found that My Forever Family offers really great supports in terms of training. It helps to put some more tools in your toolbox. While anyone can do it, it’s not always going to be easy so it’s always great to have a little bit of extra knowledge and somewhere to reach out to if you’re struggling or have questions.”