Neslihan’s Story

Posted on 21 December 2022
Category Carer stories

Nes grew up knowing the love and kindness of her Turkish Muslim parents who informally welcomed children into their care. Today she carries their legacy by providing safety and a nurturing home to children as a foster carer. 

Neslihan (Nes) strives to make the world a better place for Aiden* who has been in her care for the last two years.  

Nine-year-old Aiden has high support needs and struggled to find his forever home as placement after placement broke down. Under Nes’ supportive, patient and loving care Aiden has shown immense growth and progress.  

Nes prioritises his health and well-being, doing whatever she can, from doctors’ appointments to equine therapy, to ensure he has the best chance at life.   
“I speak to a lot of doctors and psychologists in relation to how I can make this a better place for the child I’ve got in my care, and I attend training sessions just to refresh my knowledge”.  

Nes sees her role as Aiden’s carer as a privilege and something she cherishes. Being able to see him grow and trust that he is in a safe and stable home is the most rewarding aspect for her. 

“I’m very lucky to be a part of such an amazing thing we are doing. Fostering isn’t a job, it’s giving a life to those young children who haven’t had a chance to see how beautiful the world is.” 

Nes says she leans on the support of her agency and recommends other carers not be shy when it comes to leaning on others for support. 

Creating Links Case Manager Deborah says, “Nes has cared for many children however, more recently she has cared for a nine-year-old boy who hasn’t been able to find his forever home, with Nes he is safe and accepted as one of the family alongside her two biological sons” 

After seven years as a registered carer, starting with Barnados and continuing with Creating Links, Nes has cared for many children in the out-of-home-care system, and has been recognised for her services in long-term care with a Carer Recognition Award. 

“I’d like to specifically thank My Forever Family for this chance I’ve been given in receiving this wonderful award. I hope I can set a good example to many people to be amazing carers.”  

Nes was born in Australia to Turkish immigrants and grew up witnessing her parents welcoming children in need into their family in an informal care arrangement. This example set by her own loving family has inspired her to encourage other carers to take pride in what they do and be an example in their communities.  

“Be proud of what you are doing and show everybody that you have made a change in those children’s lives because they really need it.” 

She is particularly proud of her cultural background and Turkish heritage and language which she shares with Aiden. This multicultural exchange is something Nes holds dear to her heart and urges other culturally and linguistically diverse people like her to look into becoming registered carers.    

“There are a lot of children out there who may speak your language that you may not be aware of, and they may need you one day. Whoever comes my way I always recommend they get in touch with My Forever Family for information and training.”