The Carer Coaching Program (CCP) assists carers in placement stability through intensive 1:1 support sessions, with the objective of increased placement stability and carer retention.  

These sessions will be goal-focused, using motivational interviewing to encourage carers to realise their own potential.  

CCP offers 1-hour coaching sessions, as well as shorter discussions through video conferences or phone calls. Our sessions will focus on placement stability and strengthening the relationship between the carer and child. 

Carer Coaching topics may include: 

  • Carer self-care 
  • Feelings of lack of support or isolation 
  • Accessing therapeutic care and supports for children and young people 
  • Trauma-informed care  
  • Family time and building relationships with family, kin and community and important people in children’s lives 
  • Supporting Culture  
  • Process for guardianship and/or adoption and assisting with understanding specific steps for each carer (where this is applicable) 

This program is open to carers who have been in their caring role for over 12 months, who want to build resilience and confidence in their caring role and those who have expressed an interest in guardianship/adoption. 

To learn more, call us on 1300 782 975 or email us.