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Online - Advocating for your Child with a Disability 06/08

Online - Advocating for your Child with a Disability 06/08

10:30AM - 12:00PM Thursday 6th August 2020
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Caring for children with disability means advocating for their rights to inclusion, participation, and meaningful opportunities. In this webinar, Dr Amy Conley Wright draws upon her book, Six Steps to Successful Child Advocacy, to layout a general process for individual advocacy focusing on addressing the specific needs and rights of individuals by challenging the decisions and actions that restrict their opportunities and obtaining justice and equality in their daily lives. The aim is to help carers see themselves as advocates who have skills and strengths to find positive solutions for their children.

The session will go through the following six step process, with tips and resources to support successful advocacy, and discussion of a case study demonstrating application in an educational setting.

  • Knowing your issue
  • Research for background and impact
  • Preparing effective materials
  • Making meetings that work
  • Conducting strategic follow-up
  • Reinforcing successful advocacy outcome

 Dr Amy Conley Wright is Director of the Research Centre for Children and Families at University of Sydney and author of the book Six steps to successful child advocacy: Changing the world for children. She is also mother of a 6 year old on the Autism Spectrum and has designed trainings for parents and carers on advocating for their children with additional needs.