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Webinar - Teenagers: transition of children to adolescence 20/04/21

Webinar - Teenagers: transition of children to adolescence 20/04/21

10:00AM - 11:00AM Tuesday 20th April 2021

Free Webinar at 10am

Teenagers - transition of children to adolescence.

Our children are developing at a rapid rate, and the transition from the tween years to adolescence can be one of the most challenging times. They find themselves in a developmental period where social interaction is so crucial, and the access to 24 hour a day social media can take its toll. On top of this, they are now having to manage their education, their routine and self-discipline in an increasingly stressful world.


This webinar will invite carers to more deeply understand their tween’s and teens experiences as they make the transition into their adolescent years, and how to best support them navigating through these years.

The My Forever Family NSW Webinars are an open discussion where questions, comments and the sharing of experiences are encouraged. We record many webinars and they are then available for carers and agency staff to access and listen to via our Online Learning Management System

Important information:

  • My Forever Family NSW training sessions are open to all carers in NSW and, where we have space, agency staff;
  • Places are limited and registrations will close once all places are filled;
  • Certificates will be emailed to you by My Forever Family NSW after completion of the course.

If, after registering, you are no longer able to attend this event, please contact us to let us know so that your place can be made available to another carer.

Contact Information:

My Forever Family NSW

Phone: 1800 628 001

Email: training@myforeverfamily.org.au

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