Community urgently called upon to help as children in Newcastle, including six-year-old twins, can’t live safely at home.

Posted on 16 May 2023

My Forever Family NSW supports, trains and advocates for foster and kinship carers, guardians and
adoptive parents who bring stability to the lives of children and young people in care. There remains a critical shortage of carers in Hunter and Central Coast region with children as young as six in urgent need of a safe and nurturing home.

My Forever Family NSW is calling on the community to come together and help find safe and nurturing
homes in Newcastle for the following kids so they can remain in the region and stay connected to their
friends, school and support networks within the Newcastle area.

Aaron* and his twin sister Eliza* are six. Aaron loves building things, swimming and going to the park. Eliza loves dress-ups, dancing and pets. They will respond well to routine and need carers to provide a home with stability and consistency.

Jacob* is 14 and enjoys playing footy and riding his bike. He needs a home with carers who have an
understanding of young people with disabilities and who can provide an inclusive home where they enjoy sharing a silly joke or two.

Daisy* and her brother Jay* are ten and their sister Krystal* is 15. They love the outdoors and enjoy going bush-walking and swimming. They need a nurturing home that can support them to be confident and learn new skills.

Amelia* is nine and loves to bake. She also enjoys swimming at the beach, riding her bike and reading. She needs a home with a patient carer who can spend time with her.

The children in the community come from a range of cultural backgrounds and carers from Aboriginal and culturally diverse homes are welcomed. Renée Carter, CEO of Adopt Change operating the My Forever Family NSW program, is urging the community to open their homes and their hearts to these kids in need.

“We are asking people to urgently come together to find homes for children in their local community. We
cannot rest while we have little ones who don’t have a place to call home. Supporting children and teens to stay in their local area in a safe, nurturing home will not only help them thrive, but also allow them to stay connected with their school, friends and other familiarities which they very much need when everything else has changed for them. We need to do everything we can now to ensure a positive childhood and trajectory for our children,”
says Ms Carter.

To find and inform potential new carers in the Hunter and Central Coast region, My Forever Family NSW will hold a free event for locals.

Becoming a Carer for Kids Information Session

Date: Thursday 25th May

Time: 5:30pm-7pm

Cost: Free

Venue: Scout Cooks Hill City Group – 16 Albert St, Wickham.

While there are different care options available to suit individual and family circumstances, the current urgent need is to find long-term safe and stable homes as well as emergency carers. The Department of
Communities and Justice NSW data for 2020 shows that a staggering 17 children and young people per
1000 are living in out-of-home care in Hunter region compared with nine in 1000 across the whole of NSW.

“Whilst we understand that being a carer for kids is not a one size fits all, and there are many ways you can help children thrive, it is important to remember that childhood is fleeting, and for children like Aaron, Eliza and Jacob, they need someone to step up now. This information session is an opportunity to ask questions about becoming a carer for these kids in an open and relaxed setting, and to chat directly with those who have lived experience as carers, and we implore the community to come along,” concludes Ms Carter.

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*Names have been changed for privacy

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