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Introducing theraplay

As carers and parents of kids who have come from hard places, we know how difficult it can be for our children and young people to learn to trust adults. Many may have had no real connection with an adult that has not been negative and frightening.

As the adults who are caring for these kids we need to reach out and make a real effort to connect with them. But how do we do this, when even making eye contact with another person can be difficult for children who have experienced trauma?

Theraplay® is a technique that is designed to build trust and attachment between carers and their children through playful activities and games. To a child, Theraplay® does not feel like therapy at all – it just feels like playing.

The system is based on healthy and natural interactions between a child and a parent that are playful, personal, physical and fun. Theraplay® works at developing the four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: Structure, Engagement, Nurture, and Challenge.

My Forever Family NSW is offering a three hour training session in various locations around the state that will explain the background of Theraplay® and its purpose for children who have experienced trauma.

The best part of the session is that carers will be actively learning the techniques and activities that they can use with their children. By using these play activities at home, you’ll start to build a bridge between you and your kids and help them to learn to trust again.

You will need to wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to have some fun!

Dates and locations for Theraplay® training coming up in August are:
  • Bathurst – 14th August
  • Orange – 15th August
  • Penrith - 23rd August
  • Shoalhaven - 29th August

Register your interest in attending one of our Theraplay training sessions.

We will be offering Theraplay training in other parts of NSW in the future.

See our training calendar for more training events near you.

30 June 2018
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