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Carer Recognition Awards

My Forever Family NSW are excited to announce we’re celebrating the Carer Recognition Awards this June!

My Forever Family NSW facilitates the annual Carer Recognition Awards as part of our mission to provide support to carers and recognise the valuable role they play in the lives of children and young people. These awards are open to all authorised carers in NSW and nominations are submitted by carer’s peers, agencies, families, and young people in care.

Our 2021 Carer Recognition Awards were postponed due to COVID restrictions in place at the time, so we are excited to be recognising the nominated carers this year. Nominations have closed and nineteen award winners across several categories have been selected. These categories include:

  • Caring for sibling groups
  • Providing long-term care
  • Carers who provide short-term, part-time, or emergency care
  • Caring for teenagers 

Recipients will receive a certificate of acknowledgment, along with prizes.

Congratulations to Kate and Andrew A, Kerrie-Anne C, Kirsty H and Owen J, Barbara W, and Rebecca and Steven K, who are the award winners for their services in caring for siblings. 

Congratulations to Mel H, Neslihan A, Stefannie B and Kala C who are the award winners for their services in long-term care. 

Congratulations to Breeanna B, Peter C, Cameron W and Joanne R, who are the award winners for their services in caring for teens.

Congratulations to Susan H and Susan H, who are the award winners for their services in short-term, part-time and emergency care.

Congratulations to Shauna D who is an award winner for her services in caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) children and young people.

Thank you and congratulations to all the wonderful carers who were nominated for these awards. We cannot thank you enough for everything you do.

09 June 2022
Category: News