Can you help Jessie?

Posted on 22 July 2020
Category News

Jessie is a young teen who needs YOU!

We’re supporting Key Assets in looking for a carer in the Wollongong or South West Sydney area.

This young woman is very articulate, she is able to communicate if she needs any assistance and can express her needs clearly. She is forthcoming with her views and wishes and can be a good communicator and advocator for herself. She tries to create friendship groups wherever she goes and likes to try new things particularly if she sees that her carer or friends have an interest in this.  

She has a lovely personality and can be a pleasure to spend time with. She can show interest in the lives of others as well as talking about her own experiences. She has a strong desire to connect with people and will seek out common interest with carers to stimulate conversations and hour long chats over bubble tea and sushi.  

This teen loves to get involved with art and craft including altering clothes, drawing, painting and colouring in. She also enjoys baking, playing tennis, watching movies on Netflix and Foxtel, browsing in shopping centres, painting her nails and listening to music. She loves animals and connects particularly well with dogs. She is still developing her sense of self and her beliefs, she can be very grateful towards those who have been thoughtful in their approaches towards her. 

This teen is in need of a female carer or couple who are trauma informed. The carer/s need to be firm but fair in their boundary setting and expectations. Ideally the carer/s approach should be nurturing, warm and loving towards this teen. 

To enquire about caring for Jessie, please contact Rebecca Debreceny via email  or call 0487 197 209