Foster care campaign

Posted on 21 February 2019
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As part of Sydney’s Fair Day 2019, My Forever Family NSW has launched an online social media and experiential campaign via full-service creative agency Carbon Creative, that provides an insight into what a diverse community caring for children can look like, while encouraging LGBTI people to consider becoming a carer for children from statutory care.

The number of children in the out-of-home care system continues to rise in Australia, with 57,221 recorded as of June 30, 2017 (up from 46,448 the year before), and 41% of these children in out of home care for five years or more.

The campaign shines a spotlight on the need for more people to put up their hand, now, and become a carer to help some of Australia’s most vulnerable children.

Says Wayne Denning, managing director, Carbon Creative: “Helping bring this campaign to life was a huge privilege. It’s heart breaking to know there aren’t enough foster carers to support kids in need, yet there are so many amazing people out there with much to offer. If we help bridge the gap with the message forever families come in all sort of shapes and sizes, then that’s the real win.

“‘Grow Your Pride’ is campaign that speaks to both the pride LGBTI people feel for themselves, and the idea of starting or adding to their own family. It’s also about celebrating existing rainbow families and the opportunity to share their lives by fostering a child, in a range of capacities.”

My Forever Family NSW launched in July 2018 with a focus on engaging with potential carers, training, support and advocacy for a range of existing carers, including foster care, 
respite, emergency, restoration, kinship, guardianship and adoption.

Adopt Change is leading the project, working with contributors including Professor Paul Chandler of Early Start at University of Wollongong to deliver culturally appropriate, tailored programs; and Continuum Consulting, to deliver evidence-based trauma-informed training.

Says Evelyn Santoro, My Forever Family NSW spokesperson: “With over 20,000 children in out of home care in New South Wales alone, the My Forever Family program is an opportunity to provide foster carers, kinship carers, guardians and adoptive parents throughout NSW with the support they need to care for children and young people across a variety of circumstances. A better experience for carers, through a number of supports and tailored training, will ultimately improve the life outcomes for children who have already faced significant challenges in their early life.

“This campaign forms part of our overarching vision to inspire more people to consider becoming a carer and understand that there are a variety of ways in which they can do that.”