International Day of People with Disability 2020

Posted on 3 December 2020
Category News

Today, My Forever Family NSW launched a campaign to help special needs children from across the state find permanent homes focusing on the amazing strengths, resilience and capabilities of these children.

Currently, there are 16,884 children living in the out of home care system in NSW; 16% of these children are living with a disability.

Across NSW there is a critical need for 350 new homes to be found to provide much needed stability and permanency to children across the state. Adopt Change CEO Renee Carter the operator of the My Forever Family program said, “We are committed to finding a safe, nurturing home for every child where they can thrive, be heard and feel connected, no matter their circumstance.”

“This campaign demonstrates the amazing contribution that children with special needs can make if they’re given a stable family home. It shows the strengths that can be unlocked by simply providing a nurturing environment that enables children to focus on their abilities and allows them to shine. The achievements of these children are a true inspiration.”

Sue Coutts featured in the campaign, spoke about International Day of People with a Disability, her adopted daughter Sarah and what she believes people should focus on, she said, “I believe this day is to make people stop and think about who people with a disability really are.”

“We always used to say Sarah never knew she had a disability, she just thought she was better than everyone else and that was a lovely way to be.”

“She didn’t know she had a disability, she just thought she could conquer the world and who were we to question that.”

“It’s not their disability, it’s who they are as people that we need to focus on and their abilities. We all need to consider what we can do for kids with special needs in work, education, health, everything, they are so important, I will die saying that.”

“[In life you need to] Look at what you take from life and focus on what you can give back.” Said Coutts.

The My Forever Family NSW program is keen to hear from anyone interested in helping children with special needs. There are several different ways in which people can help out from offering short-term care to foster care or even helping a family out by offering respite, there’s always a way people can help.

If you are interested in learning more about children with special needs or learning about becoming a foster carer please get in contact with My Forever Family NSW. To reach out and start you journey head to the website or call us on 1300 782 975.