Restrictive Practice

Posted on 26 September 2019
Category News

The law restricts some practices used to manage the behaviours of children and young people in care.

Carers are unable to use restricted practices to manage a child’s behaviours unless the practice forms part of an approved behaviour management plan.  

Restricted practices are: 

  • Physical restraint 
  • Psychotropic medication 
  • Time out, non-exclusionary  
  • Exclusionary time-out 

Prohibited practices: 

  • Any form of corporal punishment (smacking, hitting) 
  • Any punishment that is intended to humiliate a child or young person 
  • Use of medication to control or retain a child or young person’s behaviour without a behaviour support plan 
  • Any punishment that involves immobilising a child or young person 
  • Force feeding or depriving  
  • Any use of aggressive punishment techniques for example; hot, cold bath, spices in mouth or in food 
  • Confinement or containment 
  • Punishment that contains threats to stop family contact 
  • Denying access to basic needs or support

Actions that can be taken: ensure carers talk to their caseworker if unsure of whether a form of discipline is a restricted practice.  

Discuss the child or young person’s behaviour with the caseworker to ensure supports are in place.  

Seek support from My Forever Family NSW.