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Guardianship, adoption and permanency orders


Information for authorised carers on out-of-home care adoption

This factsheet is for authorised carers wishing to adopt a child or young person in their care who is under the parental responsibility of the Minister to 18 years.

Services for adopted children under 18 years and their families

Through open adoption, adopted children and their families are encouraged to build connections, communicate with each other and gain information about each other.

Out-of-home care adoption allowance

This allowance aims to help people who are considering the adoption of a child in their care, but who might require financial support to meet the child’s needs.


Becoming a Guardian Factsheet

Read about the what guardianship is, and the process of becoming a guardian.

Download age-appropriate information for children explaining what guardianship will mean for them.

Guardianship brochure for children under 12
Guardianship brochure for children over 12

Permanency Support Program

Three permanency orders compared

Compare the three types of permanency orders: guardianship, adoption, and parental responsibility.

The PSP Learning Hub

The PSP Learning Hub is a Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) sponsored initiative. It is designed to deepen knowledge, develop practice skills and support sector connections. The PSP Learning Hub is a state-wide, central, voluntary and largely free initiative (some face-to-face training may incur a small fee).