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Minister Ward Q&A

Gareth Ward, Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services answers carers questions

We were pleased to host Minister Gareth Ward in our Online Lounge Room for some sessions with carers during the last few months. There were some questions that were raised by carers a number of times, so we have recorded the answers for you to view below. 

Grab a cuppa with Minister Ward

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for families. What is the NSW Government and its agencies doing to support Carers in the current environment?

If a Carer already has a child with them, and feels they can offer a home to another child,  what should they do?

Permanency for children is a priority in NSW, and yet sometimes this can take years. When a Carer is facing barriers in moving to permanency, what can they do?

Some Carers have been unable to access respite care services.  How can Carers access respite support when they need it?

What can a Carer do if they have a complaint and have been unable to reach a resolution?

What is your message to carers as they face additional challenges during COVID-19?

When people need additional support, who should they contact?

Carers are being encouraged to send children back to school. Why is this so important?