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Training by other organisations

The resources and training opportunities on this page are provided by other organisations and are open to all authorised carers in NSW.

While we seek to include content which may be helpful in your journey as a carer, guardian or adoptive parent, this does not replace professional help in any area of caring and protecting self and others. Courses are for educational purposes only. 

Please speak with a member of the My Forever Family NSW, Carer Support Team 1300 782 975 or your agency/DCJ case manager if you have questions or issues relating specifically to your situation.  

Office of the Children's Guardian - Training and Webinars

The Office of the Children's Guardian offers free child safe training sessions for people working or volunteering in child-related organisations in NSW. The sessions will provide you with the skills and resources to help you establish more effective ways to manage risk and focus on creating safe environments for children and young people. 

Topics include meeting your obligations under the Working With Children Check and implementing the Child Safe Standards. The workshops and webinars are free but registration is essential.

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University of Sydney Kinship Module

Learn about Aboriginal Kinship systems

This online learning module covers the systems of social organisation that traditionally govern Aboriginal societies and explains this significant cultural difference. 

This module will help you to gain a better understanding of:

  • Aboriginal Kinship systems and how they operate
  • Aboriginal social structures and how these are different to Western societies
  • potential conflict in working with people from differing cultural backgrounds
  • how cultural difference impacts upon Aboriginal people in the social systems which operate in Australia (through education, criminal justice systems and the legal system more broadly, etc.)

Each module section includes a video, a series of related questions and a list of useful resources to help you learn more about the Kinship system.

Access the Kinship Learning Module here

Office of the Children's Guardian: Free Webinars SAFE series

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian is proud to introduce Sam, Andy, Fiona, Eve and Mandu.  They’re the stars of the SAFE series, a set of four books containing protective behaviour messages aimed at children 2-6 years old. 

Join one of the many sessions that are being run - click on the link below for all dates and registration:

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eSafety Commissioner: Free webinars for parents and carers

eSafety's parent and carer guide to cyberbullying and online drama will cover: 
  • starting conversations with your child about their online friendships and positive ways to deal with changing relationships
  • understanding the rights, laws and community expectations that govern social media use
  • where to seek help if your child is involved in a cyberbullying incident.

The webinar will include case studies, research and targeted advice so you can support the young people in your life to have safe, enjoyable online experiences.

Dates: Multiple dates from February to March in 2021

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