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Become a foster carer

Can you open your heart and home to make a real difference in a child’s life? 

No matter how long a child stays with you, you can make a profound difference in their life.

Children in out-of-home care across NSW need your support. Whether you’re married or single, with or without children, you could be the answer for these children. You can be young or old, of any religious, ethnic or language background.  So long as you have the heart to care and can offer a safe home environment, you can make a difference in a child’s life. 

Make a difference. Become a foster carer.

To become a foster carer, you must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • in good health
  • willing to undertake a Working With Children Check

If you’re a compassionate, flexible team player with respect for children, foster caring could be the ideal opportunity to make a difference in your community. We need carers from all backgrounds and walks of life:

  • single people
  • married or defacto couples (including same-sex couples who are married or in a defacto relationship)
  • people who have children living at home, a grown-up family or have never have had children
  • full-time or part-time workers or stay-at-home parents

The most important thing is a willingness to open your home and your heart to a child who has had a challenging start to life.  

What support will I receive?

As a foster carer, you’ll receive ongoing support and case management from your agency. The NSW foster care system has been set up to ensure that all carers feel supported, equipped and encouraged in their critical role of caring for children.

At minimum, this will include:

  • regular meetings and home visits with your case manager
  • 24-hour phone support for emergency situations
  • professional support in dealing with any behavioural, physical and emotional difficulties the child may be experiencing
  • assistance with birth family contact

All foster carers will also have access to specialised support, services and training offered by our team at My Forever Family NSW.

What financial assistance will I receive?

Motivated by love and the desire to make a difference, foster carers do not receive formal wages. A foster carer allowance is provided to help ensure the child in your care has everything that they need.  This allowance is based on the age of the child you are caring for.

As with all parents, you may be eligible for financial assistance through Centrelink, depending on your work and financial circumstances.

Find more about financial assistance in our resources 

Types of foster care

Whatever your situation, you could offer the answer for a child in out-of-home-care. Children and young people from across NSW each have different stories and circumstances, all requiring different support and care. 

In order to offer these children the safe, secure homes they deserve, we are seeking all kinds of foster carers, including emergency, respite, restoration and long-term care.

At the moment, there aren’t enough carers to care for the children in need across NSW. Put simply, we need more carers for all types of care. Your care can make a difference. 

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How do I become a foster carer?

If you think now is the right time to open your heart to a child in out-of-home care, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact My Forever Family today.  Our Carer Support Team will ask you some questions and then refer you to an appropriate agency close to your home.

Next, your local agency will get in touch to start discussing your application and to begin your assessment to become a foster carer. 

Usually, your application and assessment involves:

  • attending a group information session or an information meeting in your home
  • submitting a completed application, including medical and police checks and character references
  • a series of visits to your home from an agency representative to discuss your application and what sort of care you could provide
  • attending the ‘Shared Stories, Shared Lives' foster carer training

Contact My Forever Family today and take the first steps on your caring journey.