Spread the word about the need for carers in your community.

It’s a challenge to find safe and nurturing homes for children and young people in out-of-home care. Unfortunately there is a growing demand for children needing placements and one of the ways that you can help is to educate your community and potential carers about what kind of carers and types of care are needed.

As a carer you are uniquely placed to share your experience with others in your schools or community and to change some perceptions about kids who need care.

To help you spread the word, we have posters, ads and flyers which you can distribute, or we can draft announcements if you know of a local newsletter, to help raise awareness and encourage potential carers to get involved.

Download posters to include in your school and/or community newsletter or contact us if you have an opportunity or enquiry at communications@myforeverfamily.org.au.