The Online Library is a collection of ebooks and audio books, for children and adults, available for loan to carers and agency staff in NSW. By registering with the Carer Portal you gain FREE access to the Online Library.

Each book has been carefully selected to ensure that it is relevant to carers or children and young people in out-of-home care. Topics include therapeutic parenting, healing trauma, life story work, parenting adolescents, mindfulness and many more! There is also a range of children’s fiction, social stories and other books to assist children in managing emotions.

I love the e-library and am reading more at night to pick up new ideas and build up my skills and confidence. Thank you.

Carer, NSW

Sign in to the Carer Portal to access the online library. Books can be read on your browser or download the Libby app to view as eBooks.

Note: if you have recently registered with the Carer Portal there may be a slight delay in being able to access the Online Library. If you require urgent access, please call us on 1300 782 975 or email us.