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10:00 AM

WEBINAR - The journey back to school - 2/2/2022

My Forever Family NSW / Dr Stacy Blythe

A webinar session for carers looks at the journey back to school and what to expect.

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Adopt Change releases the ‘National Commitment Plan for Children and Young People to Thrive’, addressing the urgent need in Australia to provide enough safe and stable homes for children and young people and ensure they are supported to thrive

Carer stories

Shauna is a wise and understanding carer who loves the connections she makes with families. She is the guardian of a two-and-a-half year old boy and has experience with short-term, part-time and emergency care.


My Forever Family NSW Heads to Northern NSW to Inspire More Carers Including Emergency Carers

Carer stories

Julie has been an emergency and part-time carer since 2016 and had around 50 children through her doors. She enjoys the flexibility this type of care gives her and her whole family benefits from the connections made with the kids who often stay close for