Making connections 

Carer support groups are local groups for carers who live in the same area. Other carers can share experience and learned knowledge to support you in a unique and meaningful way.

You’ll build resilience, learn new perspectives and approaches and may even make lifelong friendships.

What happens at a carer support group?

Group gatherings are a time to relax and relate to other people in your situation. Carers usually get together on a monthly basis to have a cuppa and a catch up – taking the time to get to know one another and support each other as individuals. 

Some groups invite experts in related fields to discuss topics like parenting strategies, local services and health and nutrition.  It is also possible to have a professional facilitator help your group discuss particular, more sensitive issues.

Find a carer support group

Use our interactive map to find a carer support group in your area.

The information provided by My Forever Family NSW on carer support groups includes material on groups established by other organisations or individuals. The groups have not been reviewed by My Forever Family NSW and are separate entities to My Forever Family NSW. My Forever Family NSW strive to improve your knowledge and skills and to promote opportunities for you as foster carers to connect with other carers, exchange experiences and provide support however we do not take responsibility for your voluntary participation in these groups.  

At this stage, there is no process to ensure that members of the carer support groups are currently authorised carers. Group participants may need to satisfy themselves about the appropriateness of attendees.

Please speak with your case manager at your foster care agency if you have questions or concerns about any carer support group. 

We also encourage feedback from carers and the sector as well on the listings provided.