My Forever Family NSW research

The Institute of Open Adoption Studies was commissioned by My Forever Family NSW to examine the standards of training for out-of-home carers in NSW and to understand the challenges and motivations in recruiting carers for older children and young people (9+). 

The first phase of the research is now publicly available and consists of a literature review analysing Australian and international research related to foster care recruitment practices, with a specific focus on recruitment of carers for older children and an overview of international models of training and recommendations regarding best practice principles in training for foster carers, kinship carers, guardians, and adoptive families.

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Infant Care Research

Babies are one of the most vulnerable populations in society, yet sadly in Australia they represent the highest rate of admissions to government care. This research explores the experiences of carers in NSW relating to training and support received in their role in caring for our most vulnerable – infants. Whilst foster and kinship carers carry significant responsibility in providing safe and nurturing homes for children, there are gaps in the support provided or available.

NSW Carer Survey

You can find all the information and reports from the My Forever Family NSW Carer Survey here.