My Forever Family NSW cares about those who care for children. It’s our goal to speak up for our carers to improve your experience of care. We work with individuals, our state government and the child welfare system to achieve better outcomes for carers and children and young people in care.  

Individual advocacy

As a carer, your wellbeing and experience is important to us. At My Forever Family NSW, we work to make sure that our carers feel acknowledged and supported in their journey. Our team is dedicated to working with individual carers, ensuring they feel heard, equipped and encouraged in every situation.

We work together to resolve problems and guide our carers through challenging situations, including:

  • support payment issues
  • removal of children or young people from a carer’s home
  • allegations or communication breakdowns with case managers

Situations that impact our carers, and the children and young people in their care, deserve attention and action. Our goal is to act as advocates for our carers, enabling us to bring effective support and change to your situation when you need it most.  

If you are a potential or current carer, please contact us for advice and support regarding your care experience. 

Our Carer Support Team can provide you with the information and support you need, or direct you to resources relevant to your situation. 

Carer support line |  1300 782 975

Our team is available 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday and phone messages can be left at any time. 

You can also get in touch by email or via our online form.

Systemic change

Everyone has a voice, and carers voice should be heard. At My Forever Family, we advocate for systemic change. Our goal is to ensure that our foster carers, kinship carers, guardians and adoptive parents have a voice within the out-of-home care system in NSW.

Through our engagement with the state government and within the child welfare sector, My Forever Family strives to influence positive changes to systems and processes, resulting in better support and services for carers and their children. 

One of the ways that we capture the voices of carers is through the biennial NSW Carer Survey, which provides a snapshot of carer perceptions , their own experiences and their views about possible improvements to practice.