Nicole’s Story

Posted on 25 March 2024
Category Carer stories

Ben came into Nicole’s care as a newborn and felt right at home in their small family unit.  

Nicole was enjoying life as a single parent raising her daughter Lucy and felt ready to bring home another child. She was inspired after seeing a little boy in out-of-home care at Lucy’s day-care thrive under the care of a couple – who went on to also care for the little boy’s siblings.  

With the guidance and encouragement of the two men, Nicole began the process of becoming a carer and ensured she did the adequate training and assessments. 

Nicole explains, “Training was really quick. The agency met with my daughter and assessed our supports because I am a single parent. They had a chat with my mum too. It didn’t feel like a gruelling process. It felt quite cathartic when you look back and reflect on your parenting style – which I’d already established with my daughter. The process took 5 or 6 months from start to finish.” 

Following Nicole’s authorisation and training as a carer her agency called her to ask if she would be prepared to bring home and care for a baby boy due to be born at the start of the year.  

Nicole reflects fondly about the moment her daughter Lucy met Ben, “She really loved him from the moment she saw him. She was very, very, very doting and used to give him a foot massage when he was a baby. She read to him and did tea parties… she was very, very into it.” 

Even though Ben is now thriving under Nicole’s care, she continues to learn and upskill as a carer. “I’ve done additional training because I think it’s just really helpful. It’s a bit validating. I think you constantly need to sort of up your skills a bit. Because I think it’s about the whole family, isn’t it? It’s not just about the foster or adopted child. It’s, you know, how everybody clicks as a family.” 

While Ben and Lucy are growing together, Nicole hasn’t taken caring for more children in care off the table, “I think at the moment they’re just a bit young to go into that right now. But I often think, you know, be nice to foster again. That’s why I’ve still got my accreditation, so I can still do it.  You never know – something might crop up.”