Community Service Check Updates

Posted on 25 July 2019
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Checking process

The process for the authorisation of carers requires the completion of a Community Services Check. Information Exchange within FACS carries out the CS check for all NGOs, except for carers who transfer from FACS to an NGO.

The check is comprehensive and must be thorough for the sake of the safety of children and young people.

A CS check includes:

  • a check on their name and any aliases
  • close spellings with similar histories
  • last 10 years of addresses where people have lived
  • any children associated with that person (either through birth or children in their care)
  • FACS Reportable Conduct Unit (if they have been a FACS carer in the past)
  • FACS Professional Conduct Unit (if they have been a FACS employee)

Some records can be released, but many cannot for legal reasons. FACS summarises these in a report.

FACS receives approximately 280 requests per month for CS checks from NGOs for new carers and their households.

What FACS looks for

Information Exchange look for any relevant information (including adverse and non-adverse) which could help an NGO make an assessment. This could include Risk of Significant Harm report, investigations, etc.

Time frames
  • FACS have allocated extra staff to probity checking work and with the exception of a couple of complex matters, are now up-to-date with probity checks for OOHC providers
  • Simple matters can be completed in a day, complex matters can take a long time
  • FACS will prioritise something urgent (eg child needs to be placed with them today)
  • Delays can occur if further information is required from an OOHC provider therefore providing all information on the request form is vital
  • FACS works to respond within 25 working days
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