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Online training

Our online courses are free for registered My Forever Family carers

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, from the convenience of your own home.  Carers, guardians and parents can participate in My Forever Family’s online training programs from anywhere in NSW.  Our online courses are available for free.  

We regularly add new online training modules to ensure you have the highest quality, up-to-date content.  Check back regularly for new content. 

If you have registered with My Forever Family, then you’re all set to go!  Click the buttons below to log in or sign up today.

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Trauma training

We are pleased to partner with the Australian Childhood Foundation and present you with the online Trauma Training course.

This training has been designed for carers to explore some of the core theories of trauma and its impacts and then translating that knowledge into practical strategies and approaches to providing trauma informed care.  This training is designed as a starting point for learning and/or a reinforcement of what you already know and what you already do in your care for children and young people across New South Wales.

My Forever Family is offering free registration for the online Trauma Training course to the first 1,000 carers to register.

Live webinars

My Forever Family hosts a range of live, interactive webinars for carers and agency staff. To access them, sign in or register with My Forever Family today.

Recorded webinars

Our webinars are recorded and available for view at any time. To access them, sign in or register with My Forever Family today.

* The resources and training material provided by My Forever Family NSW on this website include material provided by other organisations. While My Forever Family seeks to include content which may be helpful in your journey as a carer, guardian or adoptive parent, this does not replace professional help in any area of caring and protecting self and others. Courses are for educational purposes only. Please speak with your case manager at your foster care agency or Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ, formerly FACS) if you have questions or issues relating specifically to your situation. Staff must always comply with relevant NSW legislation, including the NSW standards for out-of-home care.