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What we do

My Forever Family NSW cares for those who care for children in the NSW Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) system.

Who we support

My Forever Family supports all people interested in or currently providing foster care, kinship care, guardianship or open adoption.

We provide support and services in relation to:

  • kinship and relative care
  • emergency foster care
  • respite foster care
  • short term care
  • restoration care
  • long term care
  • guardianship
  • OOHC adoption.

Our program is committed to providing equitable access and culturally appropriate support for all carers including Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse carers.

We work with non-government organisations to engage new carers and provide training and support to authorised carers.

What we do

My Forever Family engages new carers and provides training, professional support, peer support and advocacy services.

  • Face-to-face and online training
  • Telephone and email support service
  • Face-to-face support if required in cases of serious matters
  • Education and learning resources
  • We advocate for the rights of carers and work to address systemic issues relating to caring for kids throughout NSW
  • Peer to peer support groups and mentor program
  • Engagement of new foster carers, including those who would like to be ‘restoration’ carers
  • Support for people in the process of becoming authorised carers, guardians or adoptive parents.
What we can help with

My Forever Family will help you with matters that relate to:

  • children in your care
  • casework support
  • family contact for children
  • allegations/reportable conduct.